A Special Invitation…
The Unstress Wellness Program

A Special Invitation…
The Unstress Wellness Program

A Special Invitation…<br>The Unstress Wellness Program

A Unique Opportunity To Transform Your Life!

This is a special invitation to join the Unstress Wellness Program, a comprehensive guide for taking control of your health. 

Developed by Dr Ron Ehrlich and based on ideas he has researched and pioneered over his 40 years of clinical practice as a holistic dentist at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre.

A Comprehensive Guide
To Take Control Of Your Health

This breakthrough online program is made up of individual courses covering Stress and the Five Pillars of Health, as defined in Dr Ron’s book: A Life Less Stressed: The five pillars of health and wellness.

Unstress Wellness

Explore the key pillars of health in a self-paced online program:

  • Sleep – A consistently good night’s sleep is your body’s built-in, life-support system
  • Breathe – Breathing well has a PROFOUND impact on our health
  • Nourish – Get to know guiding principles for eating, how to eat, what to eat and what to avoid
  • Movement – Build movement into your day to improve your physical and mental health
  • Thought – Awareness of how you think affects your wellbeing in our busy world
  • Stress – Stress impacts everything and is the common cause of all health issues
Unstress Wellness

A Partnership For Good Health

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre is proud to partner with the Holistic Health Institute
to present The Unstress Program

The Unstress Program:
A Unique Opportunity For SHDC Patients and Friends

  • Take control of your own health, build resilience and be the best you can be 
  • Get support to reset when you’re struggling with the everyday pace of life 
  • Reach your ideal weight, once and for all – no fad diets required!
  • Enjoy motivation and a sense of community to reach your health goals
  • Overcome confusion and misinformation about health messages
  • Discover the power of mindfulness and how to implement it in your life
  • Be supported to eliminate unnecessary stresses from your life
  • Learn failsafe tools on how to get the best night’s sleep every time

How to Master the Five Pillars for a Healthy Life

A lot of people find health messages confusing and contradictory. Many people want to make changes to their health, but don’t know where to start.

This course outlines a simple and logical path to personally empower you to better health and wellness. It is based on Dr Ron’s book, A Life Less Stressed: The five pillars of wellness. The course is presented in 5 easy-to-follow modules. You can learn online, on-demand, and also on your mobile phone if you like to learn on the go.

A Special Invitation…<br>The Unstress Wellness Program

Understand Stress

  • Why stress is the common thread of all health issues 
  • How stress impacts mental and physical wellbeing
  • Simple strategies to help control what you can control
  • Feel empowered to lower stress and improve your health
A Special Invitation…<br>The Unstress Wellness Program

Improve Your Sleep

  • Why sleep is so important 
  • What defines a good night’s sleep
  • Address the barriers to a good night’s sleep
  • How to get a consistently good night’s sleep
A Special Invitation…<br>The Unstress Wellness Program

Breathe Well

  • The importance of diaphragmatic nasal breathing 
  • A technique to unblock your nose
  • How to combat mouth breathing with retraining exercises
  • Nasal breathing whilst asleep
A Special Invitation…<br>The Unstress Wellness Program

Nourish Your Body

  • Some guiding principles for eating well 
  • How and what to eat
  • What to avoid
  • Some simple ways to change the way you eat permanently
A Special Invitation…<br>The Unstress Wellness Program

Move Your Body Daily

  • How to increase your incidental movement each day 
  • Benefits of exercise + start your day with movement
  • Simple foundational exercises to help you build strength
  • An exercise plan to become consistent with movement
A Special Invitation…<br>The Unstress Wellness Program

Watch Your Thoughts

  • The power of meditation 
  • How stress affects the body and the mind
  • The practice of gratitude
  • How to review how you spend your time

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Health?

This complimentary program is a unique opportunity for all of the SHDC community, and their family and friends.

Simply click on the button below to find out more and get started: