Holistic Dentistry

July 1, 2022

Holistic Dentistry: The Most Common Questions

What is a holistic dentist? A holistic health practitioner looks at all parts of the […]
July 1, 2022

Winter Warm Up Tips: Eat Well, Be Positive, Move More

June 20, 2022
breathing well

The Difference Between ‘Just’ Breathing And Breathing Well

June 12, 2022
Root Canal

Are root canal treatments safe?

June 10, 2022

Dr Sandeep Gupta: A Holistic Approach To Healthcare

May 4, 2022
Teeth Grinding

Teeth Grinding at Night and Taping Your Mouth

 We were asked the following question regarding teeth grinding at night and taping your mouth. […]
April 30, 2022
Teeth flossing and Brushing

Brushing and Flossing Your Teeth are Important
– Here are 6 Reasons

Do you struggle to find the time for brushing and flossing your teeth, or simply […]
April 5, 2022

Digestion 101: The Importance of Chewing Well

The mouth is the first stage of digestion. Breaking down food and mixing it with […]
March 15, 2022
Tooth Decay

The Link Between Vitamin Deficiency
and Tooth Decay