Featured Podcasts

Featured Podcasts

The SHDC team are avid podcast listeners. And Dr Ron and Dr Lewis are also keen podcasters too. Highlighted here are some of our favourite episodes for you to enjoy and learn from.

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October 18, 2023

Healthy Aging – with Leslie Kenny Founder of Oxford Healthspan and Oxford Longevity Project

Leslie Kenny is the Founder and CEO of Oxford Healthspan, a nutraceutical company based on Oxford research into healthy aging compounds which can naturally slow down the effects of aging. Oxford Healthspan bridges the gap between Eastern wisdom and Western science in the longevity space.
August 22, 2023

Dr Leila Masson – Children’s Health Expert

June 30, 2023

Neuroscience and the Wonders of the Brain with David Eagleman – Neuroscientist at Stanford University

May 11, 2023

Dr Sean O’Mara MD, JD: Reversing Chronic Disease & Health Optimisation

February 12, 2023

Dr Bruce Lipton: A New Hope – Epigenetics and the Subconscious Mind

November 2, 2022

Dr Harry Ball: SleepWise – Snoring, Sleep Apnoea & Sleep Problems

Dr Ron Ehrlich and Dr Harry Ball talk about snoring, sleep apnoea, and sleep problems.
September 5, 2022

Dr Jim Bartley: Breathing & Vitamin D Matters

July 27, 2022

Dr Olivia Lesslar: Health Optimisation