Sharing Life in Times of Need

Sharing Life in Times of Need

The commitment to a holistic lifestyle can be expressed wherever we are… At SHDC, we advocate the five pillars of health to support your sleep, breathing, nourishment, movement, and thought.

A Bigger Picture For Health and Longevity

To broaden our collective focus on health, two of our senior dentists at SHDC, Dr Craig Wilson and Dr Ron Ehrlich, have developed a special interest in the not-for-profit organisation, ShareLife. This organisation aims to raise awareness in Australia about organ donation and transplants.

For many people, the principles on which ShareLife is built are a matter of life and death.

ShareLife aims to work constructively and collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholder groups to ensure that Australians have the same access to organ transplantation as the citizens of the world’s leading countries. 

Dr Ron and Dr Craig have a special request for you.

Would you please take a few moments to support ShareLife by taking a very short quiz to see how much you know about this topic?

Spoiler alert… the current situation may not be quite what you think it is… or should be.

The ShareLife Quiz

The quiz aims to raise awareness and provide insights into how much people know about the true situation regarding organ donation and organ transplants in Australia. 

 Sadly, much of the information available to the public is vague at best and misleading at worst.

At the end of the quiz, you’ll be more informed and will be asked if you would like further information. 

The quiz takes about 3 minutes. Thank you.

Please share this with your family, friends and colleagues. It is an issue we all need to engage with that, hopefully, we never need… If we do need it, it will be way too late to advocate for change in what is often a life-and-death situation.

The SHDC Holistic Perspective For Health And Life

The holistic health model informs our work at SHDC and the guidance we offer our patients. The ShareLife initiative allows us to look more broadly at important health, safety and longevity issues.

We hope the quiz prompts you to want to know more. It’s an issue we could all engage with more, even if, we hope, we will never need it.

Your responses to the ShareLife quiz and any contact details will not be shared with any third parties outside ShareLife and will only be used to send you further information should you request it.

About ShareLife

ShareLife Australia was established to ensure that Australians have the same access to organ transplantation as the citizens of the world’s leading countries. Australians are dying simply because there are not enough organs from deceased donors for transplantation.

Brian Myerson and Marvin Weinman established a research project in 2003. They together decided to investigate whether there was a solution to the seemingly intractable low organ donation rate in Australia. 

Sharing Life in Times of Need

ShareLife Australia was established in 2006 and played a key role in the formation of the national reform agenda initiated by the Federal Government.

A detailed plan was developed to implement a modified ‘Spanish Model’ to save or greatly improve the lives of thousands of Australians suffering from organ failure. The aim was to increase the organ donation for transplantation rate to levels achieved by the leading countries.

World’s Best Practice

The Australian Government has committed itself to a National Reform Agenda for organ and tissue donation for transplantation. The deceased organ and tissue donation rate has been shown to improve significantly in countries that follow the ‘Spanish model’.

ShareLife believes that the world’s best practice systems can be implemented in Australia, and as a consequence, more Australians will have a second chance at life.

Building on this and working constructively to ensure that Australia achieves the highest levels possible is important. When Australia reaches this goal, there will be double the number of transplants performed each year.

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