Recipe: Sauerkraut

Recipe: Sauerkraut

Why should I eat Sauerkraut?

Sauerkraut is a simple dish that uses cabbage and salt as its main ingredients. Cabbage contains natural isothiocyanate compounds, which have cancer-fighting properties. Unpasteurized sauerkraut (especially homemade sauerkraut) is teeming with beneficial lactobacillus bacteria, which increase the healthy flora in the intestinal tract. This helps the immune system fight infections and aids digestion. A couple of spoonfuls of sauerkraut a day is a great way to look after your gut and build healthy bacteria.


  • 1 medium cabbage
  • 1 tablespoon caraway seeds
  • 1 tablespoon sea salt


Start by taking the core out of the cabbage and shredding it into thing strips.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and start to pound with a wooden pounder, hammer or just squeeze with your hands. Do this for about 10 minutes to release all the liquid from the cabbage. Be patient as this can take some time, but it is well worth the effort.

Spoon the ingredients into a mason jar and make sure it is tightly compacted, using your hammer or pounder to push it down.

Cover tightly and keep at room temperature for about 3 days before transferring to cold storage.

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