PART 3: WHAT IS GOOD HEALTH? The impact of our environment

PART 3: WHAT IS GOOD HEALTH? The impact of our environment

PART 3: WHAT IS GOOD HEALTH? The impact of our environment

When we think of good health we often think about how we eat, sleep and move. Over the last 3 weeks we’ve focused on 2 more elements of good health – how we breathe and how we think. Today we add part 3 and discuss the impact our environment on our health.

The environment has a huge impact on good health. We are regularly exposed to different toxins and chemicals that impact our health including carcinogens to hormone disruptors. Just consider a normal morning routine. Consider the chemicals in personal care products, make up, cleaning products, chemicals sprayed on food and dyes used in clothes. Before the average person walks out the door they’ve been exposed to a whole range of chemicals.

It is also important to consider the impact of environmental toxins on oral health. At SHDC we specifically choose materials that do not interfere with the body’s normal functions. One such ingredient is mercury, commonly used in amalgam fillings, which release toxic vapour into the body. At SHDC we don’t use amalgam and take a number of steps to safely remove it from patients with pre-existing fillings. We also use low-dose x-ray technology and use it only when necessary to reduce our patients exposure to radiation.

Below are some very simple and inexpensive steps you can take to reduce chemical exposure. As a starting point check out Alexx Stuart‘s blog and e-courses for easy, fun and empowering ways to reduce toxic exposure.

What else can you do?

  • Switch to natural deodorant that is aluminium free. It may take some testing to find one that works for you but considering it is one of those products we use everyday it’s worth the investment.
  • Discover the wonders of coconut oil. As a moisturiser, make up remover, furniture polish, shoe shiner, mouth rinse and excellent cooking oil it’s uses are pretty much endless. Wellness Mama  has some amazing suggestions for using coconut oil.
  • Check out this list of all the things you can do with baking soda. It will replace dozens of cleaning products in your cupboard and consequently drastically reduce your exposure to hundreds of chemicals.
  • Another great tool for reducing your chemical exposure is Chemical maze app. This useful tool can help you identify risky food additives and cosmetic ingredients without having to read hundreds of studies.

These are just a few suggestions for what you can do to reduce your toxic load. When you start on the path to low tox living it can become incredibly empowering to know that you are not only making better choices for your health, but the health of the planet too.