4 simple tips to improving your morning routine and have a productive day

4 simple tips to improving your morning routine and have a productive day

4 simple tips to improving your morning routine and have a productive day

A good morning routine can set the tone for an awesome and productive day. However with our busy lifestyles we can often become time poor and start sacrificing things like our morning routine. Below are our top tips for starting your day the best way you can:

  1. A good morning routine starts the night before.

So frequently we hit that snooze button until we are left with 15mins to get out the door. When we prioritise our sleep and really focus on getting good quality sleep the snooze button no longer becomes a problem. Aim for 7-8hrs of good quality sleep a night. Start by being in bed by 9-10pm and switch off all technology at least 1hr beforehand. You can check out more of our sleep tips here.

  1. Pre-prepare breakfast

Pre-preparing breakfast saves you so much time and means that no matter what life throws at you, you always have a healthy option ready to go. A great way to prepare breakfast the night before is put all your smoothie ingredients in the blender and pop it in the fridge. That way in the morning it’s just a matter of blitzing it together and breakfast is ready to go in 15seconds. Here’s the smoothie recipe and tips we like to follow. Other awesome pre-prepared breakfasts include making a frittata on Sunday night. Hard boiling eggs the night before and eating with leftover sautéed veg. Making a chia pudding with 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, 1 cup of milk of choice (dairy, coconut, almond or water) and some berries. Or you could enjoy leftovers from dinner the night before. A little planning the night before can save you a lot of time in the morning.

  1. Make time for some movement

So many of us have good intentions when it comes to exercise. Some people will wake up super early and fit in a full morning workout. That’s awesome and something we encourage, especially if you are getting a good night sleep. However many of us plan to do something during our lunch break or in the evening. Realistically speaking this isn’t always possible, sometimes a meeting pops up or a friend wants to go for dinner or you’re just too exhausted from the day that your workout gets cancelled. By factoring a little movement into your morning routine you ensure that whatever the day throws at you, you’ve already been able to fit something in. Check out our guide to a simple yoga sequence here. This routine doesn’t need any equipment and only a small amount of space. We recommend completing 5 rounds on each leg (so 10 in total). It will only take 10-15minutes and will leave you feeling energised with the blood pumping. If a sun salute isn’t your thing then get off your bus or train a stop or two early and squeeze in a 15-20minute brisk walk on your way to work.

  1. Don’t forget about oral hygiene

We wouldn’t be doing our job unless we mentioned the importance of oral hygiene in the morning. Brushing your teeth twice daily is essential for good health, which means it should never be skipped in the morning. If you have the time you can also floss in the morning, if not just ensure you do so at night. Oil pulling is also a great way to boost your oral hygiene,  you can learn more here.


If you have a spare 10 minutes in your morning routine then add in a little mindfulness. There are so many awesome apps and recordings that can guide you through a daily mindfulness practice. You can also check out our top tips for mindfulness here. It’s a fantastic addition to a morning routine as it helps manage stress, boost the immune system, improve learning and concentration. In fact the benefits are kind of endless, check out more here.