Dr Ron Ehrlich’s News for the SHDC Community

Dr Ron Ehrlich’s News for the SHDC Community

Dr Ron Ehrlich’s News for the SHDC Community

Dr Ron Ehrlich has been involved in the development ​​and growth of The Sydney Holistic Dental Centre since it began over 40 years ago. 

Dr Ron has been a founding partner, a visionary leader and a director within the team of dentists and staff, all committed to the SHDC mission. 

Our commitment is to place the patient at the centre of all interactions, keeping skills and treatments up-to-date and state-of-the-art while putting patients’ needs above all else.

New Initiatives for Dr Ron and SHDC Patients

After 45 years of practice, Dr Ron has recently launched a new service:
Holistic Health Coaching. 

Dr Ron now offers the Holistic Health Coaching online program to support our SHDC patients, and their families and friends.

The team of dentists and clinicians at SHDC are delighted to recommend Dr Ron’s coaching program as an ideal complement to broaden your experience of health and wellbeing. You are warmly invited to connect with Dr Ron. 

Dr Ron’s Health Philosophy: I want to empower you to take control of your health, build resilience and be the best you can be.

Celebrating Dr Ron’s Holistic Health Initiatives 

Beyond the dental clinic, as part of his professional development and his personal passion, Dr Ron wrote the best-seller book, A Life Less Stressed: the five pillars of health and wellness. This book was released in 2018/19 here in Australia, as well as in the USA and the UK.

Dr Ron has also presented over 500 podcasts, many of which have been featured on this website. His podcast is titled Unstress with Dr Ron Ehrlich. 

As background to his pioneering work in holistic health and dentistry, for over 20 years Dr Ron has maintained his fellowship in nutritional and environmental medicine (FACNEM) and a fellowship in lifestyle medicine (FASLM). 

More recently, he completed an integrative breathing therapy course to further develop his skills in this critically important area. 

Ron is also an executive coach (CIECL) with the Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership.

Workplace Wellness Program Brings Value to Organisations and Their Staff

Outside of the SHDC dental practice, Dr Ron has worked with an expert advisory panel and a skilled creative team to develop a leading-edge workplace wellness program called Unstress Health

As an ongoing benefit to SHDC patients, many aspects of the Unstress Health program are offered by Dr Ron in his Holistic Health Coaching sessions.

Dr Ron’s Personal Message

To all my patients,   

Providing holistic dental care to all my patients over the last 40 years has been an absolute pleasure. I feel honoured that you have entrusted me with your care. 

For the foreseeable future, I will be away from the clinic. This may come across as sudden; however, I want to explain the reasons why…

Firstly, dentistry is a physically demanding profession, and I am currently having problems with my neck and back. Therefore, for my health, I must attend to this issue.  

Secondly, as many know, I have written a book, “A Life Less Stressed: the five pillars of health and wellness”. Outside of dentistry, bringing holistic health and wellness to the broader community has always been a passion of mine.  

As such, I will focus on rolling out the Unstress Health corporate wellness program. This program provides a uniquely holistic perspective, giving companies and their leaders the language and structure to deal with stress in all its forms proactively.   

I’m very fortunate to work alongside an incredible team of dentists, oral health therapists, hygienists and staff, all of which I greatly respect, professionally and personally. They are all brilliant practitioners that always stay ahead of the curve regarding oral and holistic health. As such, I have no hesitation in recommending my partners at SHDC continue to look after your oral health to the highest standard possible. 

I know they are all committed to our SHDC mission of placing the patient at the centre of all our interactions, keeping our skills and treatment up-to-date and state-of-the-art while putting our patients’ needs above all else.  

It has been a privilege and an honour to look after the oral health needs of many of our community’s patients.  

I am delighted to make myself available for our Holistic Health Coaching program to any of our SHDC patients; you are all most welcome to connect with me.   

I hope this finds you well.  

Warmest regards,  

Dr Ron Ehrlich