Dr-Ron-Ehrlich Holistic Health coaching

Holistic Health Coaching with Dr Ron Ehrlich

Many patients come to SHDC and, when they complete the medical history form they tick the box: “a holistic approach to healthcare.”

~ Dr Ron Ehrlich

After 44 years in clinical dental practice, I am now focused exclusively on Health Coaching, with a particular focus on mental fitness, nutritional, environmental and lifestyle influences on health in general, and oral health in particular.

Apart from my holistic dental background I also have:

  • Fellowship in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (FACNEM)
  • Fellowship in Lifestyle Medicine (FASLM)
  • Grade 1 Executive Coaching qualification (CIECL)
  • Integrative Breathing Therapist
  • Mental Fitness Coach (Positive Intelligence)
  • Access to DNA testing (SelfDecode)
  • Extensive online health resources platform (unstresshealth.com)

The world of healthcare now acknowledges the many links between oral health and general health, (and vice versa) that have been an integral part of our Sydney Holistic Dental Centre approach to health for over 40 years.

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  • About how your mind can be your best friend or worst enemy. Explore how a growth/thrive mindset through positive intelligence, understanding how we can sabotage ourselves, and a strength-based approach to life, can be your ‘best friend’
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  • To gain an insight into my approach to understanding stress, nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors affecting your health.
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  • To learn about my Unstress Health Community and gain access to some great health resources, webinars, curated podcasts & Live Q&As
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Holistic Health Coaching with Dr Ron Ehrlich

Dr-Ron-Ehrlich Holistic Health coaching

Dr Ron Ehrlich has explored the holistic health model personally and professionally for over 40 years. 

This holistic health model views stress as anything that compromises immune function or promotes chronic inflammation because they are the two common denominators in all diseases, physical and mental. So if that is the case, the idea is to identify and minimise as many stressors in your life as possible.

To that effect, we have five stressors: 

  • Emotional stress
  • Environmental stress
  • Postural stress
  • Nutritional stress
  • Dental stress

What’s the Benefit of Holistic Health Coaching?

The approach at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre is first to understand how dental problems impact your health. We also explore the other factors: Emotional, Environmental, Postural, and Nutritional and how they are related too.

So if life is a balancing beam, identifying and minimising those stresses is important. The other side of the balancing beam is to build resilience and to that effect in the health coaching program, we explore Sleep and Breathing as foundational pillars, as well as Nourish, Move, and Think

This whole balancing beam pivots on your genes and how your genes express themselves is the wonderful and empowering new science of epigenetics.

Within the health coaching program, we can also explore your genetic profile and what your genes may be predisposing you to. This is the health model Dr Ron works on within his health coaching program: holistic health coaching.

How can I get a Holistic Health Coach?

Sometimes one of your SHDC clinicians may identify that your health can be improved with a holistic health coaching session or, you may identify personally this is what you want.

Many patients come to SHDC and, when they complete the medical history form they tick the box: “a holistic approach to healthcare.”

~ Dr Ron Ehrlich

Dr Ron Ehrlich now provides a personalised Holistic Health Coaching service to complement the dental treatments provided by Dentists and Oral Health Hygienists. 

Dr Ron had a fellowship in nutritional and environmental medicine for over 20 years, as well as in lifestyle medicine. He is a qualified integrative breathing training therapist, providing the ability to explore any sleep problems on a deeper level. He can also provide access to genetic testing as well, so this is an opportunity for you to explore your health when you engage with Dr Ron.

Dr Ron invites you to have a free 15-minute discovery appointment.

Make an appointment for your free discovery call with Dr Ron below on the booking Calendar. You will be able to consult with him via a Zoom call.

You will be able to explore any health challenges in your life, what problems and solutions might be relevant, and what your goals might be in trying to achieve better health and be the best you can be.

What is the Holistic Health Coaching Model?

Part of taking control of your own health is establishing some baselines, some understanding of what is important. And in our practice, our approach has always identified sleep and breathing as two really fundamental pillars of health that lay the foundations for you to really fulfil your potential and for the immune function to be at its best and for you to be at your best physically, mentally and emotionally. 

So we look at how you sleep and breathe, and at the nutritional and environmental factors impacting your health. We also explore your genetic, profile and what may be predisposing you to certain illnesses and things that your genes are predisposing you to.There is a whole range of things we look at.

Many patients come to see us at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre and are wanting to explore the broader aspects of holistic dentistry, and also a more holistic approach to healthcare generally.

The team at SHDC have seen this gap, and have seen this opportunity to engage with patients on a level we haven’t been able to in the past.

In Dr Ron’s own experience, with a fellowship in nutritional, environmental medicine and lifestyle medicine, this is an opportunity to engage with patients and explore these broader aspects of health in far more detail.

Improving immune function, improving response to treatment, and improving general health, not just oral, but general health as well are important outcomes from holistic health coaching.

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