SHDC | Fluoride Question

SHDC | Fluoride Question

 We were recently asked the following question from a concerned parent in regards to dental fluoride treatment for their child.


I took my kids to the dentist* yesterday and I am feeling overwhelmed! They both have ‘hypo-mineralisation’ (apparently just a developmental anomaly that might be genetic, seems I have it too) and I’ve been told to use a full fluoride toothpaste (currently we use Lavera and the kids use Jack and Jill) and that my son might (at the next 6 months) need to have fluoride treatment and a fissure seal. GAH. I am just thinking of all the chemical in his mouth. Thoughts?

Dr Ron: 

It’s related to diet, both in what you’re eating now and what you have eaten in the past. What you need is good fat soluble vitamins like A, D and K that are vital to absorbing and utilising minerals for health bones and healthy teeth. This is true from the moment of conception right through our lives. For example a gluten intolerance can effect the quality of the tooth structure. Consumption of sugars and carbonated drinks, juices and sports drinks can also have dramatic effect, together with refined carbohydrates. The impact of sugar on our general health has become a popular conversation in recent years, but it has been talked about in the dental profession for over 50 years. Sugar and excessive carbohydrates are not just a problem for our general health but also for our oral health. In our practice we have had some interesting success with oil pulling.

On a more dental note, if there are cavities they should be attended to and there is some evidence to support selected application of a fluoride varnish to specific surfaces. We don’t use fluoride mouth rinses and nor do I recommend fluoride tooth paste. But please note that we sometimes use fluoride in our practice. We look at each patient as a case-by-case basis. Meaning that there is not 1 treatment or solution that suits everybody.

If you would like more information about fluoride, I am moderating a talk on 21 February at the University Hall at UTS. We have invited speakers from both pro- and anti- water fluoridation groups and aiming to put on an event that is even-handed and provides people with knowledge to make their own educated conclusions.  For more information you can visit the website or buy tickets via Eventbrite.


* please note this is not a patient of Sydney Holistic Dental Centre