Why see a dental hygienist?

00:20 –> How should the gum sit?

00:34 –> What happens when there is a gap between the tooth and gum?

00:38 –> What can happen if you have pockets?

00:51 –> How important is it to see a dental hygienist?

Why would somebody see a hygienist? What is gum disease? What is periodontal disease?

The gum should be like a very tight collar around the tooth. There’s a crevasse that runs around every single tooth in your mouth.

From the top of that crevasse to the bottom of that crevasse should be around 2-3 millimetres because that’s firm, it’s healthy and it’s easy to clean.

If the gum gets pushed away from the tooth for any reason, and a pocket forms on the side of the tooth, there could be an infection and/or inflammation.

We now know that the body is connected. And because of that, an inflammation somewhere in the body will affect other parts of the body.

So seeing a hygienist is perhaps the most important part of our treatment.

Fixing things is one thing, but keeping them healthy is by far the most important.

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