Do you or your partner snore?

Do you or your partner snore?

00:00 – Do you or your partner snore?

00:37 – What is snoring?

00:58 – If you care about your partner’s sleep, then your snoring may be affecting their sleep too.

01:23 – What is a potential solution to the problem?

The majority of males over the age of 40 snore. And many women do too. But snoring is often dismissed as the partners problem. It’s her problem or his problem, it’s not my problem.

But in fact, it may well be your problem.

Snoring occurs when the jaw drops back at night and with the tongue attached to it, it blocks the airway.

So snoring is an indication of a blocked airway. How severe that is depends on how much of a restriction that occurs.

But snoring has another effect too.

And that is its’ effect on your partner and their disturbed sleep. Presumably we care about our partner whom we sleep with.

If we care about our partner, and we’ve accepted that sleeping is the most important part of the persons day, in terms of their health, then addressing the snoring issue is important, not only for your health (the person snoring because of the blocked airway), but your partner’s health – so that you both enjoy a good night’s sleep. (Read our sleep tips here)

An appliance that we use commonly in our practice is what call a SOMNOMED. A Somnomed appliance consists of an upper appliance – that sits on the top teeth, a lower appliance – that sits on the lower teeth.

It stops the jaw from dropping back at night.

When I first saw this appliance, and I wear one myself, I would I was taken a back at its size. (Read more information on night splints or jaw orthotics here)

But I’ve found it personally and professionally to be an important part of my good night’s sleep and possibly yours as well.

Snoring is an important part of our health – don’t ignore it!