The Case for and Against a Root Canal Treatment

The Case for and Against a Root Canal Treatment

The Case for and Against a Root Canal Treatment

What is the holistic dentist’s approach to considering a root canal treatment?

Dr Ron discusses the options in this informative video…

A common question we are asked is to do or not to do a root canal.

The case for a root canal is that if the root canal treatment is done well, by traditional dental standards the infection at the tip of the root will resolve.

The case against a root canal is, no matter how well a root canal is done, we’ll never clear out all of the microbes within a tooth, and that can compromise your health.

At the Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, we are aware of both these arguments and we take a holistic view of how a root canal therapy may impact on your health and how you would be able to deal with those issues surrounding the treatment.

One of the things we can say about root canal therapy when it is done well, is that when we look at an x-ray before and after, before root canal treatment there is a clear infection at the tip of the root – the bone is lost and there’s pus there.

When it’s well done at the end of the treatment there’s a regeneration of what appears to be healthy bone, so clearly something positive has gone on.

In a sense, we wish we were more dogmatic about Root Canals!

  • Are all root canals bad?
  • Are all root canals good?

That’s not how we are in our practice. In fact, this is what we define as holistic – we define what is correct for you at this time in your life and monitor it in the future.

     …That’s what defines a holistic approach to care.

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