Is a Detox Effective Against Toxic Metals?

Is a Detox Effective Against Toxic Metals?

Is a Detox Effective Against Toxic Metals?

Toxic Metals

A key aspect for the cause of numerous chronic diseases nowadays is inordinate exposure to toxic metals, which are found all through the environment along with cosmetics, food supplies, dental amalgams and even some vaccines. From organ failure and gastrointestinal issues to food allergies and mental disorders, toxicity induced by heavy metals can demonstrate itself as all kinds of different health conditions.

These days, heavy metals, including cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury surround us, which makes it close to impossible to completely avoid them. Anxiety, mood swings, chronic pain and poor immunity are some of the common symptoms of metal toxicity. It is extremely important for people to manage their own metal exposure through appropriate detoxification and nutrition.

The identification of metal toxicity can be a difficult job since the symptoms significantly vary and can gradually reveal themselves. For one person, ongoing metal exposure could lead to reproductive issues while it might cause an autoimmune disorder for another one. Some other symptoms include loss of bone density, muscle pain, premature ageing, anemia, bloating and chronic infections.
Metal testing is considered the best method to sort out if the symptoms in are caused by exposure to heavy metals or not. To do this, an inexpensive and simple urine test can be conducted, which consists of a certain provoking agent in order to distinguish overall amount of a metal present in a person’s body. Once the process of identification is completed, this issue can be addressed in an effective way with the help of a supportive lifestyle, supplementations, and nourishment.

Foods to Tackle Heavy Metals Intoxication

Coriander is regarded as one of the highly efficient chelators. In fact, perhaps it’s the one and only effective agent that could remove mercury from cell nuclei and intracellular spaces. Foods and supplements rich in an element like sulfur are imperative as well in the reduction of toxic metal level. These generally include cruciferous vegetables, horseradish, onions, garlic and egg yolks.

Additionally, cysteine-rich foods, which include onions, garlic, egg yolks, duck, turkey and chicken are advantageous as well, so are fruits with a good amount of pectin, such as grapefruits, limes, lemons and apples. Turmeric, which is known as an anti-inflammatory popular spice is helpful as well since it supplies adequate amount of nutrients to the body that maintain kidney and liver health. Both of these vital organs functions to eliminate toxins from the human body.

The intake of sufficient minerals for the elimination of metal toxins is of great significance. In fact, these minerals effectively assist in pushing out all the heavy metals from the storage areas and support the body in conducting its crucial biochemical processes. Hydrochloric acid (HCL) along with high quality fish oil, Chlorella, lipoic acid and digestive enzymes should also be taken as well in order to replace those minerals and supplements that might be lost during the process of detoxification from toxic metals.


At SHDC we try to avoid metals as much as we can in our dentistry and haven’t use amalgam fillings since 1987. For more on the removal of amalgam fillings please click here.