Health Tip #1 – Remember to Floss

Health Tip #1 – Remember to Floss

This week’s SHDC health tip: Remember to Floss!

Flossing your teeth daily is just as important as brushing them. Flossing does about 40% of the work required to remove sticky bacteria, or plaque, from your teeth. It’s an essential step in maintaining good oral health.

It’s easy as these 5 step:

  1. Use 45cm of floss. Wrap most of it around the middle finger of one hand, the rest around your other middle finger.
  2. Grasp the string tightly between your thumb and forefinger, and use a rubbing motion to guide it between teeth.
  3. When the floss reaches the gum line, form a C to follow the shape of the tooth.
  4. Hold the strand firmly against the tooth, and move it gently up and down. Repeat with the other tooth, and then repeat the entire process with the rest of your teeth.
  5. Use fresh sections of floss as you go.

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