Dr Olivia Lesslar: LifeSpan Medicine and Boosting Immune Function

Dr Olivia Lesslar: LifeSpan Medicine and Boosting Immune Function

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Throughout the pandemic, there has been a question on many of our minds, “does natural immunity still exist?”

In Dr Ron’s conversation with Dr Olivia Lesslar, they discuss:

  • The importance of nutrition in developing immunity to disease
  • The importance of sleep
  • The importance of light therapy, and so much more.

Dr Olivia Lesslar is a functional medicine practitioner with an interest in complex chronic conditions. She is a concierge medical consultant at LifeSpan Medicine USA.

Welcome to a featured episode of Dr Ron Ehrlich’s Unstress Podcast. This episode features Dr Olivia Lesslar, a conversation about LifeSpan Medicine and Boosting Immune Function.

This topic should be on everybody’s mind, especially since the beginning of this pandemic. The topic is natural immunity.

Yes, natural immunity still exists. Yes, it is still part of the human experience. You may be excused for thinking it’s not because our experts, who are managing this pandemic, say so little about it, so what a wonderful opportunity it is for us all to focus on it; it is still reassuringly very real. All the things that I have learnt at university about immune function, biochemistry and physiology, and immunology and pathology – are all still very valuable.

Here we are exploring natural immunity. We’re discussing what can be done nutritionally, what is the importance of sleep. We touch on some really interesting parts about the sun. Priming our skin for the sun and learning when the best time is to get all the benefits of exposing ourselves to the sunshine. There is a lot to learn from this conversation.

My guest is Dr Olivia Lesslar. Olivia is a functional medicine practitioner, working in private practice. She has many private patients and does many of her consultations online. She has a concierge service, which is available for you as a patient to manage your health. And she is a great networker, bringing together many wonderful practitioners that she can draw on.

An important part of being a practitioner — is to surround yourself with people whose expertise you can have confidence in;  who have a holistic view of health care and understand how their particular speciality fits into your health.

So this is what functional medicine is all about. I’ll let Olivia explain that and define it. There is a lot going on in the human body and we need to respect every part of it.

I hope you enjoy this conversation I had with Dr Olivia Lesslar.
  ~ Dr Ron Ehrlich