SHDC Team | Introducing Dr Lewis Ehrlich

SHDC Team | Introducing Dr Lewis Ehrlich

SHDC Team | Introducing Dr Lewis Ehrlich

Introducing our newest dentist – Dr Lewis Ehrlich!

Son of Dr Josh and nephew of Dr Ron, Dr Lewis has grown up living the SHDC philosophy and we’re so excited to now have him on board as an official member of the team. So that our wonderful community can get to know Dr Lewis a little more we asked him some questions…

Dr Lewis – Dentist

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

For as long as I can remember I have always been passionate about health, wellness and leading an active lifestyle. Sports have always played a big role in my life having played an elite level in both cricket and soccer. At the age of 21 I earned a soccer scholarship where I played full-time soccer whilst studying a Bachelor of Science in Boston, USA. I then went onto to play full-time soccer for a club in Reykjavik, Iceland. Through my sporting endeavours I became uniquely aware of the importance of health and wellness. This passion led me to become a qualified personal fitness trainer and I have continued this keen interest by studying nutrition through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (NY, USA). Apart from health and wellness I love to travel, read, go to the beach and stay active playing sports.

Why did you start studying dentistry?

Both my father and uncle are dentists and together founded Sydney Holistic Dental Centre in the early 1980s. Therefore, I have been exposed to the profession my whole life. The way in which they link oral health to general health (and vice-versa) is fascinating and inspiring. Believe it or not, I was never pressured to do it!

Dentistry is a unique blend of biology, physiology, technology, psychology, and artistry so I thought it would be a really enjoyable profession to be apart of. Another advantage is that you get to meet so many interesting people – both patients and colleagues.

Why are you attracted to holistic dentistry?

I think when you are focused not just on the teeth connected to the body, but the body connected to the tooth the practice of dentistry becomes fascinating. By looking at sleeping, breathing, headaches, neck aches, posture and nutrition you can really impact on the health and well being of the patient. From a personal point of view, that is the most rewarding part of dentistry and was one of the main reasons for choosing it as a career.    

SHDC Team | Introducing Dr Lewis Ehrlich

Dr Lewis in Iceland.

To book an appointment with Dr Lewis please call us on (02) 9221 5800.