Winter is a wonderful season, it’s when we get to eat warming roasts, enjoy delicious soups, shorter days and longer sleeps. But getting caught up in the ‘hibernation’ of winter often means that when spring time comes round, we’re left feeling a little sluggish and not our best physically, mentally or spiritually. That’s the best thing about spring! It’s the season of re-birth and the perfect opportunity to reboot your health.

Healthy Spring Diet

Spring is a perfect time to evaluate your diet and look to bring in some additional fruits and vegetables. With spring comes a huge range of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Some of these veg include broccoli, spinach, kale and cauliflower, all from the brassica family with some amazing health properties. As well as helping to curb sugar cravings, these power house greens help with liver detoxification – which will help reboot your health and rid your body of any lingering toxins from winter.

TIP: Sometimes it can be difficult to pack a heap of veggies into your diet, so be a little sneaky with it. Try grating some into meat patties, blending a smoothie, adding them to sauces, making cauliflower rice or roasting them together for a roast veg salad.

Healthy Spring Movement

With cold winter months it can be easy to put exercise on the back burner. Don’t be too harsh on yourself for what you’ve been doing, use it as motivation for what you are about to start doing. Exercise has countless benefits including neural health, digestive health, increasing energy levels and promoting better sleep (essential for any health reboot). Spring is the perfect time to embrace outdoor exercise. The days are getting longer and the temperature isn’t too hot yet. Be inspired to try something new in Spring – even if you just go once. Try an outdoor yoga class, sign up for an obstacle course, join a training group (Nike even has free training events here) or enjoy some of Sydney’s best walks.

TIP: If you’re seriously struggling with getting motivated then why not treat yourself to something new that you can train in. Whether it is a new singlet, shoes or just some socks – if you invest a little money in the preparation you’ll feel more inspired to get out there and give it a go.

TIP: Don’t forget that with increased exercise it is important to stay hydrated. If you maintain a good water intake you won’t fatigue as quickly and will enjoy your exercise for longer.

Healthy Spring Mind

If we’re working on all these fantastic things for our body, it’s important to also look after our mental state. Just as you may spring clean your home, spring clean your mind. Take this reboot as an opportunity to think about what is and isn’t serving you in your life. What habits you want to get rid of and what you want to work on. We’re officially in the second half of the year now so it’s time to start putting those goals into action and making sure you finish 2016 as you intended to.

TIP: Write a list of your goals and write the steps needed to get there – be as detailed as possible with these steps. This way you know exactly what you need to do to get to your goal. Make sure to mark out milestones along the path to reaching your goal so that you have clear markers of your achievements and opportunities to celebrate them.

These are just some tips to help you have a healthy spring and to reboot your health. At SHDC we believe the way we sleep, breathe, nourish, move and think are all equally as important to our health and wellness. To learn more click here.